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Bird on the Street Investigates Shifting Email Behavior

Date: February 15 2019

Everybody’s heard about the bird, the B-b-b-ird, bird is the word,
But have you heard the word about THE BIRD ON THE STREET?

bird is the word gif

No, we are not talking about that unfortunate pigeon we saw on the side of the road whilst on our way to work. No, no, thankfully no one here at Little Bird Marketing has been forced to pawn off all of their earthly possessions and taken to a life on the streets. And no, “Bird on the Street” is not a surf rock hip-hop remix of the Trashmen’s “Surfin Bird” set to a 120 BPM trap beat. Let us all hope that hypothetical monstrosity of sound never enters our musical soundscape.

Rather, THE BIRD ON THE STREET is our latest podcast segment of Ponderings from the Perch featuring our very own Colton Harrington of Little Bird Marketing as he goes around interviewing everyday people in order to gain valuable marketing insights into their daily behaviors.

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In this premiere episode, Priscilla and Colton discuss email and the fundamental role it plays in our marketing strategies. Over the years, as people continued to receive more and more marketing emails, their behavior has shifted. As marketers, we keep adjusting our strategies to try and reflect these behaviors. But what are they? 

Colton turns marketing detective and asks these questions to find out:

  • “Is there a particular time of day you check your email most?”
  • If an email uses your name in the subject line, is it creepy or more likely to make you open it?”
  • “What’s the main reason you unsubscribe from emails?” 

For answers and more insight into customer email behavior or for the sake of getting "a bird, bird, bird..bird is a word" out of your head make sure to listen to "Priscilla Presents Bird on the Street."

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