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Getting Mugged at the Office - Coffee and productivity

Date: June 28 2017

Coffee. Voltaire drank 50 cups a day. Gertrude Stein said it was a “happening.” Pope Clement VIII baptized it to snatch it away from Satan. In fact, the goodness of coffee is one of the few topics about which the church and science seem to be on the same page. And though we at Little Bird don’t have the full weight of the church behind us (yet), or the decades of empirical data to filter through, we too like a good cup of coffee. You could say that it’s a critical part of the content marketing process.

Marketing, as you probably know, requires a great deal of focus and concentration. At times, a video shoot will have us up in the morning before the sun rises - and often we’re still putting the finishing touches on blogs well past dinner time. Thus, our coffee cups become staples of productivity. We’ve lost a few good ones through the years; casualties of war and gravity (I’m thinking of you, kitten mug). Despite our losses, we have no shortage of humorous mugs here. These are some of our favorites.

Nerd? I prefer the term intellectual bad ass. For fox sake! Mama Bird's mug.

This mug says: "I gave up a lot when I became a mom. Dropping the F bomb wasn't one of them." This one says, "Britney survived 2007. You can handle today." This coffee mug is f*cking magical.

Beautiful. Now, before you go scolding us about our consumption issues, remember that coffee works to reduce depression, improves concentration and logical reasoning, and has tons of antioxidants!

If coffee is poison, it is a slow poison.

So whether we're editing our way through hundreds of lines of code, editing custom typography, or putting together a new inbound marketing campaign, we find it best to be well-caffeinated. If it’s good enough for Bach, Beethoven, Letterman, Seinfeld, Atwood, and the majority of the founding fathers, we’ll have another cup please. Ok, back to work now.

Hey you, with the espresso jitters...do you have a favorite mug? Tell us all about it!
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