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    5 Signs That You Should Definitely Hire a Writer

    You’ve been there – you sit down at your computer with the best intentions of writing a killer blog post, aaand... nothing.

    But writing about something you're an expert in shouldn’t be that hard. Should it?

    Just thinking about writing consistent, relevant and engaging content under a tight deadline - while also juggling all of your other responsibilities - is enough to spike anyone’s blood pressure. However, that doesn’t make your company blog any less valuable.

    Regularly publishing content should be an important part of your marketing strategy. According to HubSpot,

    “Companies who blog, receive 97% more links to their website than those who don’t.”

    In short, blogging helps drive traffic to your website. 

    Blogging is fundamental to your overall marketing strategy, but there are several factors that make it more complicated than putting words on a page. It requires expertise, time and dedication to create a thriving blog that generates business.

    In addition to helping your search rank, your blog solidifies your authority in your industry. Think of it as a personal platform to share your noteworthy thoughts and insights about your area of expertise. Authenticating yourself as a thought leader in your industry is paramount to cultivating legitimate leads and new business.

    Whether you’re too busy or just feeling uninspired, writing engaging content is easier said than done. If anything we've said this far resonates, it might be time to hire a writer. Thankfully, there are services out there that can help generate the right content and set up your business up to crush any of your future marketing goals (insert sigh of relief).

    Not sure if it's time to outsource blogging? Here are 5 telling signs that you need to hire a writer:

    1. You Keep Pushing Deadlines 

    Push It - Salt n PeppaWe get it... You’re busy and when it comes to your daily to-do list, blog content probably isn’t at the top. However, if you find yourself constantly sweeping your content deadlines under the rug and telling yourself that you’ll get to them “tomorrow,” it’s probably time to consider hiring someone who lives and breathes by the dates circled on their content calendar.

    You may start with the best of intentions, but you're going to need a little more than that to create quality content that’s going to get your business noticed. Being consistent and posting regularly is the key to keeping your audience engaged.

    Picture it now – deadlines met, a happy boss and content that drives legitimate leads.

    2. Your Team Is at Capacity

    Stop the madness!When leading a team, delegation is key. A blog post may seem like the perfect task to hand-off, but on top of everything else, your team is probably feeling the same way as you - at capacity.

    Even with the most capable team, adding unnecessary tasks to their to-do list can deplete your resources and stretch your team thin. Tasks that aren’t in their wheelhouse can distract them from the work that really matters. In the end, you’re left with a half-hearted blog post that isn’t benefiting anyone.

    3. Your Team Lacks Content Expertise

    Your team lacks content expertiseIf there’s one thing that the technology boom has spurred since the early 2000’s, it’s the creation and dissemination of information. I mean they don’t call it the “Information Age” for nothin’, right?

    The marketing industry is consistently changing. In addition to keeping up with the trends in your industry, it can seem impossible to also stay on top of the latest in content marketing news.

    Hiring a writer will not only help you generate content for your business, but will alleviate some of the pressure of being a marketing expert yourself.

    4. Your Blog Isn’t Getting the Attention It Deserves

    Check me out!Maybe you have a blog with semi-regular posts. Each month, you down your fifth cup of coffee, hunker down in front of the computer screen and hammer away at the keys. Before you know it, hours have gone by and you’ve poured your heart and soul into a solid blog post. You pat yourself on the back and remind yourself, “If I build it, they will come!” Unfortunately, that's not the case. 

    Nothing stings more than having your hard work go unnoticed and under-appreciated. Your blog’s lack-of-success could be contributed to a few different factors. Whether it’s the lack of the right keyword phrases or failing to target your ideal buyer persona, your blog is lost in the vast world of cyber space.

    When you hire a writer, you’re hiring an expert. Yes, you’re paying them to write content, but you also paying them to write content that delivers. 

    5. You’d Rather File TPS Reports Than Write a Blog Post

    Office SpaceWhen it comes to writing content, do you find yourself willing do anything else around the office? Organize the supplies drawer, empty the trash, even help Bill Lumbergh get those “TPS reports” filed on his desk.

    Writing isn’t for everyone, and if it’s not for you, don’t fret – you have options. A content generating service can do the heavy lifting so you can prioritize the tasks that matter (and that you enjoy).

    Engaging content is just a piece of the puzzle. An effective marketing strategy only yield results when all the parts work together to create a sustainable system of lead generation.

    That's why we created the SOAR System
    Want to see what SOAR could do for you? 
    Click the link below!

    Click here to learn more about the SOAR System



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