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    Blue Sky on the Horizon

    The concept of this journey was predicated on the belief that if given the chance, people would share. This couldn’t have been more affirmed than on my first stop at Blue Sky Web Development

    In a field which is visually based and typically art driven, Rich Mayo has a knack for numbers and a penchant for kindness. On one hand, he is a believer in tracking logical patterns of peoples’ behavior on the web. This belief is the basis for his drive toward outcome-based web strategies for the ultimate success of his client. On the other hand, he is a standout for his soft-spoken openness.  

    It was easy to get Rich talking and sharing ideas about running a web development company.  Our conversation ranging from technical issues, integrated strategies and managing client expectations was effortless. Easing into a stand-up team meeting in late morning gave me a glimpse of his philosophy for shared responsibility and built-in accountability. Speaking to someone who has seen many more changes in computing than I have was refreshing. 

    Big thanks and nothing but blue sky right back attcha.

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