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    Cappuccino and Conversation

    My conversation with Lindsey Charlet of HUB Collective was like hanging out with your big sister (if your big sister just happens to be a snappy dresser, poised team leader and a successful entrepreneur). It was Lindsey’s poise that inspired me most. Her ability to listen and share equally was a treat. 

    I immediately resonated with her focus on office culture and fully accepted her advice to continue, as she put it, “to control my own climate”. Her focus on quality in relationships, trust amongst her team, and a continual dedication to communicating a clear vision creates the ground work for great work.

    I shared with her my concerns in facing so much transition at once.  In the midst of so much change it is difficult to sort out what to keep and what to shed. A healthy fear of a myopic vantage point is what spurred me on across the country to gain some perspective. To that end, Lindsey gave me a stronger focus on the bigger picture.  She conjured up the imagery of clinging to a rock in the middle of a river. As you continue to hold on, the water around you beats down and provides a steady stream of pummeling. Steeped in the moment, letting go does not seem like an option. There’s a cliché in there and yet, when the advice to move with the current comes from someone who has already been there, the truth rises to the surface. As artists we want to move against the current, but as business owners with faith in our established culture and abilities we can let go and find joy in the new thing that comes.

    I’m grateful for the candid conversation, the chance to see professional humility from such a successful woman, and a genuine love of the work we produce.  The amazing cappuccino didn’t hurt.

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