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    Don’t Skip Leg Day: The Not-So-Secret Key to Inbound Marketing Success

    Read this closely. We're about to reveal the biggest secret to marketing success. Are you ready for it? To achieve the marketing results you want, you have to put in the LEGWORK— and no, we aren’t talking about breaking a sweat at the gym (see: leg day). We're talking about the behind-the-scenes tasks that are sure to get your business noticed.

    On a recent episode of Ponderings from the Perch Podcast, Simon Dunn of Keen as Mustard explains that the key to marketing success is the right combination of time, consistency, and a little good old-fashioned elbow grease.

    Simon Dunn, Keen as Mustard Marketing

    “You don’t do just one thing in marketing. You don’t just do some posts and wait for the work to come in. You really need to be doing all of them, or at least a majority, to have the effect that you want and need. And also, you need to be doing them for quite a long time.”

    Dunn explains that when it comes to your inbound marketing strategy, you may have all the right materials, but your execution, or legwork, may be lacking. In today’s business culture, it's all too common for businesses to adapt a "do-it-yourself" mentality when it comes to branding and marketing.

    Simon: "You can only talk about it for so long"

    Priscilla: "You can talk about it longer if martinis are being served, but still at some point you just have to go do it."

    What does your inbound marketing plan look like? If it includes the words DIY, it might be time to think again. In a DIY world, it feels like we can do almost anything ourselves, but when it comes to your marketing, branding, and design services– Dunn discourages pushing the process off on an employee who doesn't fully understand it.

    “You wouldn’t let your intern do legal work for you or sign a contract.” 

    Dunn tells Priscilla that, whereas the DIY mentality is completely understandable, its tendency to be applied to design and marketing often produce less-than-desirable results - against which Dunn prescribes education of marketing best-practices for an increased public understanding. Along these same lines, Keen as Mustard annually organize a massive data visualization webinar called Viz-Fest, featuring four days full of design and market research insights.

    “Those events are the best way for us to meet people and talk to them and that’s backed up with the marketing we do for ourselves. ”

    Having the right branding and identity are simply pieces of the puzzle. As with a well-rounded workout, it's important not to neglect or overwork any single component. The full podcast episode is packed with insights on finding your niche, market strategy methods, and the importance of industry networking.

    Warning: don’t get too entranced by Simon’s swanky British accent.

    Ready to get serious about your inbound marketing plan?
    Give the full episode listen here.

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