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    Follow the Trello Brick Road: Little Bird Marketing’s Map to Achieving Your Goals

    Here at Little Bird, we often say that our lack of stress comes from the fact that we put pressure on our systems, not our people. Without the use of well-defined systems and organized strategy, our office would be total chaos and things would quickly get out of hand.

    We are a relatively small team but (for our size) we manage the marketing for a rather large number of clients. Our clients rely on us to be on top of our game and deliver on our promises - a tall order for a just handful of millennials to pull off in a 40 hour work week.

    How Do We Do It?

    Aside from being damn good at what we do **pats self on back**, we rely heavily on our friend, Trello.

    Darts being thrown

    Trello is a project management system that allows our team to take our strategy and create daily marketing actions that, when followed closely, accomplish your goals. Thanks to Trello, every minute of our day has a direction. Without it, our lives would be overwhelmingly stressful. We would waste a considerable amount of time trying to determine the next task we should be working on - the equivalent of pasting various marketing actions on a dart board and blindly launching darts at it to dictate our schedules.

    Trello is how we get things done. 

    Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain

    It’s where we outline our strategies, communicate with each other and our clients, and post all of our work as it develops. And that quick description is just the tip of the iceberg.

    With that, we’d now like to take a moment and show you behind the metaphorical curtain so that you can see how we use Trello to accomplish your business goals.

    The Benefits of Trello

    There are a lot of reasons to love Trello. But to keep this on track we’ll highlight the three main ways that Trello brings value to you.

    1. Organization - This one is pretty obvious. Trello helps us stick to the plan. By creating individual “boards” for each of our clients, we are able to add projects in the order that they need to follow and remove them once the task has been completed. These projects or “cards” can have multiple team members assigned to them, allow us to create detailed checklists, and offer the option of adding a due date for any time-sensitive work. We can also add labels to cards so they are easier to find and most importantly, we can attach files to cards allowing us to easily share our work with one another.

    Trello Board

    But what does that mean for you? It means never will we come in on a Monday and wonder, “what blog is supposed to go out today?” or “when is that next email supposed to send?” When our system is organized in this way it allows for you, our client, to know that things on our end are being taken care of and nothing goes overlooked.

    2. Communication - Trello is an excellent communication tool. The “comment” section allows members of a card to conveniently chat back and forth about the progress of projects. With the tag feature - in which you can tag members in comments - in addition to the ability to set up notifications, you can rest assured that you are always updated when another person is summoning your attention. Clients can also comment on cards as well as any team members. 

    Trello Card

    What that means for you is there is always a way to let your voice be heard. Whether it be an update on the status of a project, a request for someone to review your work, or a place to voice your questions - thanks to Trello there’s always an open line of communication.

    3. Transparency - This last benefit is really just the sum of the last two. But it might be the most important. Trello is amazing because it allows us to be transparent - a real-time display of the things we are doing on your account every day. There is nothing that we do in secret here at the nest. We believe it is important that you are aware of how things work.

    For our clients, that means that at any moment you can look and see exactly where we are at in the process. You can give us your opinions and your suggestions. And you can be involved in the inner workings of your marketing. We even spend time with new clients during onboarding to train you on using Trello so that we can quickly get you up to speed.

    We don’t stress... because we don’t have to. We have Trello. We put the pressure on the system and it holds up - time and time again. So when asked how we take a strategy and create daily marketing actions to accomplish your business goals, we smile and say “just follow the Trello brick road.” 

    Munchkin Dance

    Okay, we may have never actually said that, but you get it.

    Follow the Yellow Brick Road

    Effective marketing only comes when all parts of your strategy are working together to create a sustainable system of lead generation. Here at Little Bird we have perfected this system and put it all together in what we call the SOAR system. If you are interested in finding out more about SOAR click the link below!

    Click here to learn more about the SOAR System

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