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    Look Into the Nest: A Peek Behind the Curtain of Little Bird's Creative Agency

    You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. - Maya Angelou

    We agree with this sentiment so strongly, it’s literally on the wall here at Little Bird Marketing. An office is much more than a place to work; it can be the physical manifestation of a brand. It can shape important first impressions for potential customers. It plays a part in company morale and connectivity of collaborators. Today we’re going to take you on a short tour of our creative agency, and show a bit of what drives our process in marketing.

    “Typewriter tip tip, karta hai jindagi ki har kahani likhata hai" roughly translated, “Typewriter types the story of all life.”

    Is it a metaphor?

    First-time visitors to Little Bird often comment on the bright paint, illuminated signage, samples of our recent work, and quotes that we have on the walls. Sometimes overlooked is the antique orange Tom Thumb typewriter sitting on the front desk. You may have heard us mention the importance of content to a modern marketing strategy a few times (like here, here, or here!) The Tom Thumb typewriter is a daily reminder of how critical the writing process is to a well-rounded marketing strategy.

    "If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself." - Henry Ford

    Team Work Makes the Dream Work

    Collaboration is an integral part of the Little Bird process. Here, Beth Claybrook, Kahlief Steele and Priscilla McKinney discuss possibilities for new workflows to meet the needs of a client. The majority of the Little Bird office is comprised of the creative “pit”; an open workspace allows for flexibility (photo shoots, video review, impromptu meetings, etc.) and easy collaboration. Our roundtable for logo design, product photography pit crew, and video scripting consortium all rely on the work of many.

    It's always beer-thirty somewhere!

    "Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana." - Groucho Marx

    It’s easy to get so involved in creative work that time seems to disappear. We always keep an eye on it with a handy cross-time-zone clock display. Conveniently, this will also tell everyone in the Nest what time it is when Priscilla is speaking at Insights Marketing Day in London on February 23! (It should be about 8:00 AM here in Missouri.)

    Little Bird Marketing front window display showcases a selection of our award-winning designs!

    We hope you enjoyed a peek into the space where we make the magic happen! Want to know more about our process? Give us a shout!


    Priscilla McKinney

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