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    Oregon Agencies Inspire Us

    An amazing journey for insight and encouragement that will take Little Bird owner, Priscilla McKinney, along with Jani Putnam of Off the Map Photography who will be chronicling the journey to the Portland, Oregon area for an inspirational quest. 

    After serving marketing clients through the historic F5 tornado on May 22nd, the team at Little Bird Marketing arrived to work on June 14th, only to watch their creative studio burn to the ground. What to some may have seemed like insult to injury has become a positive turn of events. “I am going to see this as an opportunity to rethink how our company can be better, and make some changes every owner wishes they could make with a clean slate,” commented Priscilla McKinney, owner of Little Bird Marketing. 

    The rethink process led her to a crazy idea which took some hard work to pull together.   Through contacting agency owners, web developers and creatives, a schedule of visits were coordinated as follows:

    Monday, August 1st – visit with Rich Mayo of Blue Sky Web Development

    Tuesday, August 2nd – visit with Lindsey Charlet of Hub Collective

    Wednesday, August 3rd – visit with Steve Tallman of FRANK Creative

    “I like to think of it as a vocational vacation,” said Priscilla McKinney, President of Little Bird Marketing. “It was a big ask of agencies knowing we all work on pressing deadlines and multiple projects, but I needed something big to get me out of my crisis mode.  The real goal is to see things from a new perspective and come away inspired from within our own industry to come back and help Joplin rebuild bigger and better.”

    The idea can be easily described as a very, very short internship.  But, it really is more of a “fly on the wall” concept to allow another business owner and creative to see how others in the industry handle the challenges of the day to day. 

    Rich Mayo, President of Blue Sky Web Development was the first to jump on board.  With some personal connection to Kansas City, the difficulties facing Joplin businesses today seemed more real.  Maybe the idea was just crazy enough to get Hub Collective and Frank to embrace the idea as well. 

    Stay tuned for more inspired posts and photos!

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