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    Our Frank and Open Conversation

    The starkness of a wide-open vista when you can actually see the cement foundation of where your design studio once stood is in the literal sense, awesome. While there is a flat-lining of what you had, there is also an ever-increasing beat arising with a compelling drive to bring to life something better.  At Frank Creative, their mantra to “cut the crap and keep the creative” was precisely the rhythm I needed to hear.

    “Hello, may I speak with Frank?”

    There really should be a jar for employees to donate a nickel anytime a solicitor calls asking for Frank. I am thinking they could save up for a massive party. There is no Frank, but if you need a frank and open conversation about stellar branding and marketing, you’ll love this place. Looking back on my conversation with Steve Tallman of Frank Creative, that was the exactly what I received.

    Our discussion about building core competencies within our agencies was riveting. While Frank Creative has led within an industry niche, Little Bird Marketing specializes in a type of brand. The nuanced differences are interesting, but regardless, the focus should remain on the agency’s core competency. As far as core competencies go, it is easy to see that Frank Creative certainly builds on their amazing ability to brand and position. Ultimately, they are master storytellers. Being able to see that objectively about a fellow agency helped me to really understand that the things we do each day at Little Bird Marketing, from Facebook management to web design, strategic brand positioning to graphic design, etc. only  service to our larger competency of increasing the buyer’s identification and affinity for that brand. That is why we choose to work with premier brands or luxury experiences. David Karstad, Creative Director at Frank Creative drove home the truth by saying, “you are ultimately defined by the work you don’t take”. I couldn’t agree more.

    It doesn’t hurt that they have a rockin’ studio.

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