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    Priscilla Helps Listeners SOAR™ on the Vibrant Leadership Podcast

    Recently, Nicole Greer hosted Priscilla McKinney on the Vibrant Leadership Podcast, where she revealed the building blocks required for a successful marketing strategy. The two go on to have a profound and professional discussion as to why focus is key in helping leaders understand their brand promise and communicate it well.

    “It's not just doing the right marketing actions that matter, you have to get them in the right order, you have to understand how they connect. And if you don't get them in the right order, it's just as good as not doing them.”

    Both recognize how the placement of sidewalks can easily relate to planning a well-crafted marketing strategy. Priscilla dives deep to paint a clear picture of the SOAR™ System. She highlights its versatility and how SOAR™ can offer a clear road to success for a range of business professionals.

    "Being able to see the human inside of people and how they operate, helps companies break down their marketing messages. We are not data. We are not robots, we are not just your consumer. We're humans who interact with things."

    Indicating her educational background, Priscilla and Nicole have an intriguing conversation about how relevant Cultural Anthropology continues to be to her work in digital marketing. In this episode, Priscilla ties it all together with buyer personas, the ideal client, and their relation to the SOAR™ system.



    Tune in to learn how your business can SOAR™



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