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    Quizzes Bring Content Marketing to Life

    The golden rule of content marketing is to understand your customers. We use personas to accomplish this goal - focusing on the concept of describing the ideal customer, and tailoring a marketing strategy toward that customer to build a real and lasting relationship. And just like day-to-day relationship building, this process is a two-way street.

    In a recent Ponderings from the Perch podcast, Josh Haynam, CEO of Interact discussed building relationships with customers, and why quizzes are part of a healthy content marketing plan.

    Josh Haynam, Interact CEO

    “I think content marketing has to be a personalized thing at this point. It no longer works to just push out a ton of articles. It used to work; four or five years ago. And I’ll still talk to people who do this: Their entire content marketing strategy is ‘we’re gonna put out 17 pieces of content a week, and that’s gonna to drive leads into our one sales funnel we have, and that’s how we do content marketing.’

    That’s a ton of effort and it takes an entire team to build all that stuff, and you’re wasting so much time creating content that nobody is interested in.

    I think content strategy in general has to be based around who you are trying to work with...How do you get them from where they are, to where they want to go.”

    Interact is an integrated quiz-creation platform that helps elevate the types of content that are being created, so that ideal customers can increase their engagement with a company. Haynam’s overview offers the best encapsulation:

    “Backing it out to 1,000 foot view – what you’re actually doing is utilizing the entertainment value of the quiz to attract people into your brand as the lead magnet that catches their eye and pulls them in. You use the quiz to build a very small, short relationship with them. At the end of the quiz, you ask them for their contact information. After that you follow up with them in a variety of ways.”

    Check out the full podcast to get the scoop on how great quizzes can be for your lead generation. Haynam has tips on effective quiz design and implementation, amazing conversion statistics, and a whole bunch of humorous insights about modern content marketing.

    Speaking of quizzes, learn a bit more about yourself with Little Bird's Thought Leadership quiz!

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