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    Three Steps to Crafting the Perfect Email

    Over 290 billion emails are sent and received each day. The average time spent reading an email is 15-20 seconds. SECONDS. With so many emails and so little time how can you make your emails stand out from the rest?

    Be Creative

    Creative writing rocks. Even if you’re a great writer, don’t forget to carefully craft your subject line. The subject line gets 100% viewing, regardless of open rate. Generally, shorter subject lines, (20 to 30 characters), have higher open rates. Catchy is good but accurate is even better. Your goal is for the right reader to open and read your email, without feeling you’ve pulled a bait and switch.

    Don’t abandon your brand. From the font, to the family of colors, to the writing voice, a brand should be clearly recognizable by the consumer. Many email platforms allow you to fully customize emails to match your brand standards and showcase your logo properly.

    Don’t forget the creative opportunity even in your signature. Entice readers to watch your latest video, read a blog or catch your latest podcast by embedding a link in your signature line. Consider a shortened creative url like one I use for my podcast: bit.ly/PriscillaPonders. You can creatively shorten these with free services available online. I use bitly.com because it not only lets you customize your link, but also tracks your clicks.

    Pay Respects

    You have less than 20 seconds to catch the reader’s interest. Respect your audience and keep your message concise and direct. Longer messages belong in a meeting.

    Just as a musician tunes their guitar before a show, take time to tune your message before you hit send. There is no “unsend” button. Read through for spelling and grammar mistakes and check that attachments are actually attached.

    Be Professional

    Nothing can discredit an email faster than an inappropriate comment, photo or piece of gossip. Address each email with professionalism and you will be respected in return. 

    When tempted to forward a funny email think twice. Funny is great, but does it belong in your work email? Work email interrupts people’s workflow. Consider an alternate distribution source like Facebook for that type of material.

    And lastly, stick to what you know. If you’re a contractor, don’t send out an email about bull riding. Write within your scope of expertise and you’ll earn much more street cred in the end.

    Still feel unsure about improving your email response? Check out this FREE GUIDE to give you tangible ways to improve your email engagement. 



    Priscilla McKinney

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