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    Thrift, My Good Man

    I have always loved to write. My sisters will tell you (with immeasurable exasperation) that as a child I would talk out loud while writing what I was saying into the air as if my finger were a pen. Yeah, I got picked on a lot as a kid. But I digress. I love to write copy for clients. I also do a lot of editing and that is met with mixed reviews as thrift in writing seems to have lost its deserved popularity. I am tired of books that take 243 pages to tell me what they could have delivered in 8 well-written pages. As Mark Twain said, “I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.” As I write or edit I try to channel Mr. Twain reminding myself that truly loving the reader means culling your thoughts and delivering meaningful content without regard to page count. 

    What could you cut out to deliver your story more succinctly? How would that improve your blog, your brochures, your emails?

    Are you tired of your emails being ignored? Perhaps they are too wordy, boring or lack a clear next step. If you find your email writing is landing you in email jail, you might be interested in this free download called 9 Reasons People are Ignoring your Email.  


     Try it out. Improve your writing and improve your engagement!


    Priscilla McKinney

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