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    What a Little Bird Told Me

    Yes, it’s true, Little Bird Marketing (formerly Grow Marketing) is making a move. We’re building a new nest and preparing to spread our wings.  I will dispense with the additional bird-related metaphors and simply introduce you to our great new name and its significance to us.  

    Little Bird Marketing is a boutique marketing firm specializing in premier brands and luxury experiences. What we find necessary in promoting high-end brands is a certain intimacy people must develop with the company, good, or service. 

    It has been said that “word of mouth” is the best form of advertising. While that is true at the core, it is not possible to rest the potential success or failure of your company on that concept alone. But, what if you could market to your audience in a way that made them feel like they had the “inside track”, or were “in the know” with your brand? That requires creating a true affinity for your brand, a die-hard love of your product or sincere devotion to the way you deliver your service. The truth of the matter is that good people share good news. And, when they do offer their absolute best news, many have been known to start with the phrase, “a little bird told me…”.  In our culture, the little bird is a trusted source, an inside track, and the mark of an emotional connection. 

    In the end, people don’t want to be a target market; they want to be in the loop with great ideas, services, companies, people, etc.  Little Bird Marketing is interested in partnering with other great companies with the same philosophy of customer connection. Our goal is to blend traditional and non-traditional media with amazing graphic design and fresh ideas to create a more organic relationship between companies and their clients. 

    If your brand has what it takes to be talked about, shared intimately and held in high esteem, then perhaps a little cage-free thinking is in order at Little Bird Marketing.


    Priscilla McKinney

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