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Notes from the Nest

What Could Be Your next Broad Horizon?

Date: November 07 2013

All of us business owners can so easily put our noses down and work so diligently in our own companies. I consult with business owners every day and the truth is they pay me to work “on” their business while they work “at” it. I try to follow my own advice and make sure I take the time to work “on” my company also. Sometimes, though, that is just not enough. Sometimes you need to open your eyes and see what else is out there that doesn’t show a direct gain for your company goals. Sometimes your mind just needs a broader horizon.

Last October I made myself attend the Emerging Women’s Conference in Boulder, Colorado. Ok, so it wasn’t hard since the line up included so many great emerging women and top names like Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, Eve Ensler of Vagina Monologues fame, Ani DiFranco, Alanis Morissette, still one of my favorite artists, and wait for it….my personal hero, Brene Brown.

I mingled with like-minded women entrepreneurs, listened to inspiring stories, reconnected with an old friend, had a spa treatment, a little retail therapy, did a lot of meditation, participated in a group energy dance (it was in Boulder after all), received some very challenging and much needed business consulting, and got distance from my little world.

I will write a few blogs of my experience with these excellent women. For now, just let me relish this photo of me with Brene. So cool.

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