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Why Have a Breakdown When You Could Simply PAUSE?

Date: April 04 2017

Ever been burned out?

Thinking of going ahead with that breakdown?

Have you considered losing it three times already today?

You're not alone and have something of real value to offer today!

I am so excited for my favorite Googler and great friend, Rachael O'Meara on the release of her book today!  Soon she'll be on our Little Bird Marketing our our Podcast, Ponderings from the Perch but until then her message just can't be missed! It's time you made the space for Pause: Harnessing the Life Changing Power of Giving Yourself a Break. 

Rachael wrote Pause after returning to Google from an unpaid leave after realizing she was burned out. The lessons she learned were life altering that she felt compelled to share her insights to help others facing similar experiences.

So what is a “pause”? Rachael defines a pause as any intentional shift in behavior that allows a mental shift in attitude, thoughts, or emotions that otherwise wouldn’t have occurred. Pausing is for everyone. Rachael takes us through the different types of pauses to take, from mini and daily pauses, to an unintended pause (layoff), to digital device pauses, to extended pauses. A pause is about taking a time-out to create the space for your inner voice to be heard and to align your actions with that voice in order lead a more meaningful, fulfilled life.

Rachael also shares the five signs that you may need a pause. Have you had any of the five telltale signs?

Sign 1: You used to love your job and now you loathe it

Sign 2: Your boss tells you it’s not working out

Sign 3: You have an intervention that separates you from your work or technology

Sign 4: A major life event, challenge, or change happens

Sign 5: A New Opportunity reveals itself, which could appear as an irresistible, high-risk opportunity.

Rachael thinks of the book containing three layers. First is Rachael’s narrative of her experience. The second is a how-to guide to create your own “Pause Plan” that works for you along with how to keep your “pause mindset.” The book is filled with practical tools to put to use immediately and can lead to longer, larger changes if that’s of interest to you. The third layer weaves in research and insights borrowed from psychology, existentialism, and neuroscience-based research.

According to Rachael, pausing can boost your emotional intelligence by tuning in so you can act, feel, and communicate authentically and responsibly. The book highlights twelve “pause stories” ranging from Danielle LaPorte’s Digital Device Pause, to Lissa Rankin MD’s perfect storm, to Joe Kutcher’s unintended layoff pause. Each person recounts their story of their version of pausing, and their top tips on how to pause successfully.

Regardless of how much time, money, or resources you have, Pause is a great find. Explore the different ways you can choose to meaningfully pause—whether for mini pauses of sixty seconds, daily pauses, digital device pauses, or longer time periods of several weeks or months to lead the most satisfying and fulfilling life you choose.

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