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    3 Big Reasons Clients Ignore Your Emails

    Email. I hear so many people talk about how email is no longer important. Mostly they are lamenting the fact that people press DELETE, DELETE, DELETE so quickly. Even if we are not deleting at LEAST 100 per day we aren't doing a very good job of reading them. But before I let anyone say this is a dying form of communication I like to point out how EFFECTIVE of a tool it still is for so many business professionals. So, then why are yours being ignored? 

    I've written about how to craft the perfect email in the past, but here I address three big reasons why the ones coming right from your very own typing hands are being ignored:

    1. You Are Boring

    I've been pretty clear with people that the new cardinal rule of everything digital can be summed up as, "Don't be boring." This is business, so I am not suggesting you start with, "A man walks into a bar..." but don't miss the opportunity to make some personal connection or show your lighter side if you get the chance. It can be as simple as changing your sign off greeting from "Sincerely" to "Make it a Great Day Today". While I do enjoy some great wit, it doesn't work for everyone's position, but do something to remind us that you are not a robot!

    2. You Are Selfish

    I can spot this email a mile away because it usually starts with the phrase, "I was just checking in...". I know that we all have deadlines, tedious follow-up to do and in the end we actually need a response. We need a "yes" or a "no". I know it might feel bad if you actually tell the truth about why you are writing, but trust me - it feels worse to receive such a pitiful, thinly veiled attempt to close a sale without doing any of the work. Please don't make yourself feel better with your white lie that you are "just checking in" when in reality you need a response. In fact, you would greatly appreciate a timely one. Don't be selfish and expect me to do the work for you to close the sale or schedule the meeting, etc. 

    3. You Are Vague

    That second reason is the perfect segue to to my third and final reason. Too many times I am reading emails and my mind is never triggered to any action. If my brain is really "on" in that moment and I am compelled to do something on my own I may spring into action. But that is highly unlikely especially if you don't give me a CLEAR NEXT STEP. Brett Baker taught me this one and it makes a huge difference. Vague deadlines and questions leave me wondering if you even knew why you wrote the email. At that point, it is too much work for me to do this for you and you wind up in Email Jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $2. (That is not a typo, I play a lot of Monopoly Jr.) Give a clear next step by asking yourself, "What do I need this prospect to DO?"

    Hey, if you have never done these three things then I don't know how to relate. I've done them all and learned from my mistakes. If you're interested in correcting these and many more, check out this quick and informative guide I wrote called 9 Reasons People Are Ignoring Your Emails and you can quickly make some easy corrections to use your time more efficiently and get your efforts noticed!


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    Priscilla McKinney

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