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    3 Power Tips for a Better LinkedIn Profile

    Optimizing your LinkedIn profile can prove to be rewarding for business development, sales leads, professional connections, and being recognized as an industry leader. That being said, trying to figure out where to start can be daunting. Here are 3 quick tips that will take your profile to the next level.

    1. Rewrite Your Profile Summary in the 1st Person

    We are, after all, linking in with people! Have a conversation with those viewing your profile and just be yourself!

    • Tell us WHY you’re special – Saying “I love the feeling I get when I close a sale by helping find a solution to a client's problem,” goes a lot farther than saying “I am good at closing sales.”
    • Don’t forget industry adjectives that describe you and your job as well as any certifications.

    2. Include Industry Keywords in Your Profile

    Search engines love keywords. By incorporating them into your profile, you’re increasing your chances of being seen when someone searches a keyword in your industry. I'm not just talking about being found ON LinkedIn, but on search engines VIA LinkedIn. 

    • What is searchable? – Take a few minutes to identify specific keywords and search terms in your field. A simple Google search provides a wealth of knowledge.
    • Review your profile and insert keywords where applicable. – For example, if you sell real estate, including industry keywords such as “first time home buyer” and “contract negotiation” would be great. 

    3. Ask for a Strategic Recommendation

    • These are more powerful than an endorsement because someone is explaining how awesome you really are at your profession based on their experience, not their hunch about you.
    • When asking for a recommendation, do not send the generic LinkedIn message. Instead, suggest to your contact what you did while working with them. This will jog their memory and steer them in the right direction.      

    We know these tips will get you rolling, but don't stop there. This free download, Priscilla's Top 5 Tips for LinkedIn Success, will keep you be recognized as a leader in your industry.      Get the Guide

    Haven't made the leap to LinkedIn? Go to www.linkedin.com and start setting up your profile today. Once you’re set up, follow us on LinkedIn


    Priscilla McKinney

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