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    A Bird's Eye View of the Insights Space

    As a long-time supporter of more podcasts within the market research industry, our team was happy to see a new joiner this year. Not only was it an impressive beginning with pretty illustrious guests, but it obviously struck a chord within the industry getting nominated for the illustrious “MR Podcast of the Year” award! So, we’re impressed with the Stravito team and delighted when they asked me to come on The Consumer Insights Podcast with Founder and CEO Thor Olof Philogène.

    Thor was ready with his “bird” references which pleased me tremendously, and I loved his idea of letting me share my “bird’s eye view” of this industry from this interesting perch where I sit. If you don’t know it already, I’m not a market researcher. I’m a trained Cultural Anthropologist turned digital marketer. With these unique set of skills I focus on serving the market research industry. 

    Thor and I share a real focus on the action that proceeds from the actual earned insight. As he mentions, Inside any insight lies a question— what are you going to do with it? We agree that insights aren’t just “aha moments.” Instead, they are the foundation of the decision-making process. From my perspective, market research provides that focus, creates the container within which we get to spark the creative idea. The boundary, although perhaps counterintuitive to some, actually allows for tremendous creativity. Instead of a million different diluted ideas, insights give us that framework within which to dream and make ideas come alive. 

    In marketing, no one has unlimited budget. We all need to do what we can do meaningfully. Market research and insights help to narrow our focus and say no to things that are really just distractions.

    As is customary on Thor’s podcast he did as about my opinion as a colleague about what is missing from the insights industry. I still believe that market researchers by their output deserve a seat at the C-suite table. But often I find that there isn’t enough business acumen for them to correctly present their findings. While they might be the person at that proverbial table with the most important piece of information, all too often, for failure to communicate in business speak, the great a-ha is lost and the connection is not made between the insight and the most pressing business challenges discussed at that same table. 

    By contrast, when market researchers have tremendous business prowess and the ability to translate their findings into that world, there really is no stopping the momentum they can build to drive a brand forward. 

    Lastly, Thor asked me to share a few pieces of advice for those getting started in the industry. My advice is as follows: 

    #1. Get involved in associations like Women in Research - It’s FREE and you don’t have to be a woman to join.

    #2. Get engaged in your industry and look for places that need help, where you can give help.

    #3. Never underestimate the power of collaborating with your competitor. (Shoutout to Sarah Kotva at Fieldwork for doing this beautifully!)

    While this is a great overview of what we discussed, you’ll miss the love, the laughs and the sense of connection you’ll get by listening to the episode for yourself over on The Consumer Insights Podcast.


    Little Bird Marketing

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