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    Actionable Facebook Hacks You Can Use Today!

    We just might go ballistic if someone else tells us that "Facebook is dying." It seems like a popular thing to say, but to what end? For marketers who base decisions on actual statistics instead of feelings it is important to us that we know exactly what we are saying. For our clients and indeed all companies with a social media presence it is equally important. I could also point out that "families are dying," or "the use of money is dying". The truth is that all of these things are CHANGING. It is more helpful, instead, for interested parties to understand WHAT exactly is changing. 

    While it is true that Facebook users are diminishing (and many, in fact, literally, dying), they still reported 1.2 billion active monthly users as of October 2016. As a company, I would still like to have access to 1.2 billion users! How about you? What is important is to see that how people are using Facebook is changing. As more companies and news agencies have entered the Facebook space it has become more of a news feed that people cull personally rather than a personal feed that people create personally. For companies, this can be an added incentive to be on Facebook as this indicates people are EXPECTING to interact with brands, created content and marketing material. SIMPLY INSERT YOUR CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGY HERE. 
    Don't have a strategy or know what your next step is? We break it down for you here: 

    Little Bird Marketing Presents:
    How to Attract Customers with Facebook
    Make sure you have a clear plan of action when it comes to Facebook and learn from the pros in this actionable guide. 


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    Happy Marketing!


    Priscilla McKinney

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