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    Give the People What They Want - Social Posting Tips!

    “It’s tough to know what people are always looking for; just give it your best guess, and be a good student of your data.”

    In a recent Ponderings from the Perch podcast, Kyle Drenon, Marketing Director of Springfield’s Murney and Associates discussed with us the intricacies of creating quality social posts. In addition to sharing a lot of tips for content marketing in general, Drenon shared some actionable insights about content distribution strategies - create a system for publishing, and adapt the strategy to meet the various audiences on those networks.

    Kyle Drenon, Murney & Associates Marketing Director

    “Each article we publish has to have something that will play on each of those mediums (various social networks.) A strong header image is important for Facebook, as is the headline. The headline is vital for Facebook. I put about 60 percent weight on the headline to the content, because we have to get them in the door first.”

    Murney’s blog offers an excellent lesson in content marketing by focusing on an element of homebuying that isn’t often highlighted by realtors: the community. The community-focused blog touches on intangibles like good food, local art, shared history and cultural events that tie the Springfield area together. This strategy, according to Drenon, is the byproduct of being a life-long Springfield resident, and by listening to his audience’s feedback.

    “I’m constantly thinking of ideas - every time I look at something - it’s trying to find a way to turn that into something that would be an interesting article. One of the best ways to do this is to be a good listener in conversations. Good conversation is a great way to create content.”

    Check out the whole podcast to get more social publishing tips and insights!

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    Special shoutout to Kyle and the Murney crew for winning an Addy award for their blogging at the recent AAF Joplin/Springfield Addy Awards!



    Priscilla McKinney

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