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    How to Prove You’re a Pro Without Bragging on LinkedIn

    Unless you're a professional wrestler or hip-hop superstar, chances are low that anyone wants to hear constant discussion about how awesome you are.

    At the same time, being too quiet about your successes can have adverse effects.

    Thanks to LinkedIn, professionals have a place to talk about their successes without it being perceived as overly self-promoting. But wait a minute! Just because there is a stage to flex your success doesn't mean you should start flexing on all the people in your network — there's an etiquette. 

    So, what does it look like to talk about your successes without sounding like a braggart?


    The Importance of Talking About Your Accomplishments

    Some might think that by simply sharing their success stories they are being boastful, and in doing so, inherently shows a lack of modesty. We get it. But don’t let other people’s opinions ruin your ability to talk about yourself in both a positive and self-promoting way.

    Talking about yourself increases your chances of being remembered. It reveals a lot about who you are, what you are capable of and creates an opportunity for someone to be inspired and follow in your footsteps.

    Good LinkedIn PostTake Gary Vaynerchuk as an example.


    Most of us aspire to be humble, but being too humble can have adverse effects as well. Peggy Klaus, Author of Brag: How to Toot Your Own Horn Without Blowing It writes,

    “It’s those who visibly take credit for accomplishments
    who are rewarded with promotions and gem assignments.”

    By failing to talk about your achievements, you not only show a lack of confidence but a lack of enthusiasm for the work that you’ve done. All of these things are far too important to let yourself hide behind a curtain of humility simply because others have made a bad name for those who have a strong sense of self.

    Strong sense of selfFlex those skills!


    5 Ways to Prove You’re a Pro (Without Bragging)

    Here are 5 ways to show the world you are a badass without sounding like a total narcissist (because nobody likes a self-obsessed pos(t)er).

    1. Talk About The Accomplishment, Not Yourself

    This one seems a bit obvious, but it needs to be said. When talking about your accomplishments, talk about the situation, not yourself.

    Talk about the accomplishments, not yourself

    Next time you post, keep these three questions top of mind:

    What were you trying to accomplish?
    What obstacles did you have to overcome to succeed?
    And what was the outcome?

    By focusing on the events, and not the characters within them, you create a narrative that becomes relatable and possibly inspiring to those faced with the same challenges. 


    2. Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

    Reality check! No one is all that impressed by you. They are impressed by what you do. And there aren’t many cases of a person getting to where they are without influence from others.

    You need to acknowledge the people that helped you get to where you are, even if it is just the emotional support they provided along the way.

    Think about any acceptance speech ever. “Thank you to my family and friends and fans and dog and…” the list goes on.

    Thank YouPeople know you didn’t do on your own, so don’t pretend as though you did.


    3. Use Humor

    A little bit of humor goes a long way. Don’t get us wrong — you don’t have to treat your accomplishments like they're a joke, but by adding a bit of humor when you're talking about yourself makes it more genuine.

    It should be said that you must not get humor confused with humble bragging (i.e. masking a compliment to yourself in a complaint).  cheryl-yeoh


    4. Don't Compare Yourself to Others

    Nothing is more off-putting than someone belittling another person to make themselves look more impressive. So, it should go without saying that you should never dig on someone else when talking about your own success.

    That being said, the opposite is also true. Don’t compare yourself to other successful people unless you're looking to make people roll their eyes - because that’s about all you’ll get from it. eye roll


    5. Show Plenty of Gratitude

    This tip is without a doubt the most important. It also speaks for itself. If you aren’t grateful for your success and everything that took place to get you there, do the world a favor and don’t talk about it.

    It’s not difficult to show gratitude. Just acknowledge the fact you don’t think you are entitled to success because of who you are. Grateful Post

    A quick mention of a colleague’s help, a shoutout to your followers for their dedication, or simply stating that you are thankful for the opportunities you’ve had to do what you do all show that you appreciate the success that you’ve earned.


    The Proof of a Pro Lies in the Execution

    With these 5 tips on how to brag about your accomplishments without actually bragging, we hope you've learned that if you’ve achieved something, you shouldn’t feel bad for sharing it with someone else. You deserve to talk about your successes. 

    The best thing to do before sharing your next LinkedIn self-promotion is to ask yourself, “Why am I sharing?” If the answer is to impress them or gain their admiration, you’re dangerously close to being a braggart. Rather, when you own your success and feel worthy of the things you’ve accomplished, talking about it isn’t about proving your worth; it’s about sharing the stories that got you there.

    Guess what? You just gained a new LinkedIn professional skill!
    Look at you go. Ready to learn more about LinkedIn and social selling talent tips? You're one click away.

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