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    Is Your Marketing Stuck? Thoughts on Brand Positioning Statements and Ideal Buyer Personas

    If I really boil it down to its essence people come to Little Bird Marketing because they are STUCK. Some business have been successful, but they have hit a plateau that now seems insurmountable. Some have not yet enjoyed that initial success and are wondering what they did wrong. Either way, our GET UNSTUCK methods are tangled up in two important fundamentals: 

    • Understanding your Ideal Client (Buyer Persona)

    • Reflecting on a Well-Crafted Brand Positioning Statement

    How are these two so tantamount to business success, you ask? Check out this episode of Ponderings from the Perch, the Little Bird Marketing podcast.

    Priscilla Will Show You Her Tabuchi if You Show Her Yours: Thoughts on Brand Positioning Statement

    Together with my producer, Dan Leadbetter we discuss one of my favorite topics, The Shoji Tabuchi Show along with addressing not only the importance of your Brand Positioning Statement, but also Persona Development.

    As promised in the podcast here is Dan Leadbetter's Brand Positioning Statement we created LIVE:
    I'm Dan Leadbetter, a professional emcee who will ignite the social vibe at your next event. I bring spontaneous humor and engaging observations to create a fun and comfortable atmosphere for your evening. I kick corporate events up a notch with industry-specific humor. I also help causes struggling in obscurity deliver an effective fund raising event. I bring a fresh perspective to the issue that sparks conversation and ultimately compels the audience to open their wallets. Whether entertainment or infotainment, I am always a crowd pleaser.

    Give a listen and see if you can create your own brand positioning statement and get some clarity about what needs to be done in your marketing strategy in 2017! If you decide you're ready to have a go at this with experts, just give us a shout!

    Need more direction about Buyer Personas? 

    Check out this guide we've created to help you create your own Buyer Personas to help you create meaningful content that sells. It's time for some fun, so checkout The Perfect Persona to walk you through creating that first persona and start focusing on the absolutely most ideal client for your product or service! 


    Priscilla McKinney

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