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    It's Time to Rethink Your Social Strategy – A Book Review

    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… We all use social media, but are you using it correctly? In the over-saturated social world, it's hard to guarantee that your content and products will actually be seen by your audience. Luckily, my friend from across the pond, Tim Hughes, is an expert on how to boost social media engagement. He recently wrote a book that I think is an incredible resource for any company to reference when selling through social networks (something we should all be doing).

    If my recommendation doesn't say enough, let Tim’s accolades speak for him. He was rated a Top 100 Social Seller by Forbes and has thousands of social media connections and followers. Between Tim and co-author Matt Baxter-Reynolds, their social networks have a W-I-D-E reach. Are you ready to lengthen your social reach and generate new leads?

    Tim and Matt’s book, "Social Selling: Techniques for Influencing Buyers and Changemakers," is full of social media tips and insights. Here are my 7 favorite techniques Tim offers in his book:

    1. When selling on social, there are early-mover advantages. START NOW!
    2. Relationships need to be developed with your followers before they feel the NEED to buy.
    3. Use quality connections over quantity of connections to grow social networks.
    4. Identify changemakers! Start sifting through your current customers and leads while creating social media content that will attract your ideal buyer.
    5. Create profiles of your competitors and identify their selling strategies.
    6. It's time to make friends! Use social media to develop communities of other social sellers.
    7. Utilize technology and automation software. They are helpful support tools, which can increase selling, shorten the sales cycle, and foster timeliness.

    One of my favorite ideas in this book is the concept of finding and influencing “changemakers.” Tim explains that a changemaker is a person who “lives to work.” A changemaker conducts relevant research and asks the right questions to determine plans for next steps for adoption. Identifying changemakers, listening to potential customers and fostering relationships can make all the difference in social selling.

    Take the guesswork out of identifying these changemakers, build buyer personas! Here's how you can build buyer personas when you can't speak to your customers.

    Whether you are new or seasoned on social media, this book is a great resource for any level of experience. Ready to rethink your social strategy, but not sure where to start? This book also offers a practical guide for implementing a social selling strategy.

    Thanks, Tim and Mark, for the insights—what a great, highly relevant read for anyone using social for their business!

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    Priscilla McKinney

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