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    Knock, Knock...Do You Know Who's There? Understanding Buyer Personas for Marketing

    "I know a great knock knock joke, but you have to go first." 

    In all seriousness, wasting your time and resources through ineffective or misguided marketing is no joking matter. Companies know they have to spend their marketing dollars much more effectively online and for those who can't afford to market to the masses hoping for the best the only path to targeted marketing is truly knowing your audience. 
    Before we delve too far into that, let's take a look at a very limited case-study, por ejemplo:
    1. Joan absolutely hates anything that will require her to fill out extra paperwork.
    2. Bob is literally terrified that his job will be taken over by robots before he reaches retirement. 
    3. Anna graduated last year, and has never known a world without internet.
    Would it benefit a tech company to pitch to each of these people the same way?
    Probably not.
    Unfortunately, relying solely on broad demographic data (like physical location or income) doesn't allow us to see those distinctions that can make the difference writing GREAT copy that will engage a receptive audience and get them to buy our product or service. Joan, Bob and Anna may all need your service, but they will buy it for very different reasons. 
    Now consider this: The distinctions made in the above case study were each one sentence long. Your customers are as complex and three-dimensional as you are. Some of them find sales pitches off-putting on principle. Some of them have a great disdain for 80s movie remakes. Some of them are luddites, while some of them camp outside stores to get the latest technology when it's released. This is the point in marketing where an empathetic mindset becomes a must-have. Your ability to get inside the head of your ideal customer - to understand things from their point of view - will immensely benefit the conversation you have with your audience.

    The key to making those valuable connections is understanding what actually motivates engagement in your potential buyer. Simply put, if you're not writing with a specific customer in mind, you might as well be shouting on a street corner; and nobody wants to do that. (Not even old-timey newsboys.) 
    Now, if you don't know where to start in the development of your own ideal client personas, we advise you to check out our free resource, aptly titled "The Perfect Persona". 
    Don't waste your time and energy chasing customers who aren't right for you...harness the potential of the Ideal Client Persona and begin marketing with clarity and direction. Check it out below!
    Download the Perfect Persona Guide 

    Critical evaluation of B2C interactions is a topic of regular discussion on our blog. Subscribe now for the latest scoop. Have a lingering question about marketing? Leave a comment here or email us your interests. We're happy to help.

    P.S. Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?


    Priscilla McKinney

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