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    Motivate Your Ideal Client to Buy: Understanding Buyer Personas for Marketing

    When was the last time you really dug deep about the importance of asking for what you need? The obvious key ingredient of asking for what you need is first knowing what you need. Everyone knows that simple statement is totally complex, but when it comes to marketing people are often still unclear.

    As a selling President at a full service marketing agency I am no longer surprised that clients don't really know WHAT they need their potential buyers to do. Of course, they need them to shell out the money, but when it comes to clear next steps that will nurture the buyer through the buyer's journey of initial interest to finally swiping the card, owners and even marketers seem to often be unclear.

    The biggest clue a company is in trouble is when I read vague social media posts, wandering ABOUT US pages on the website and boring product descriptions. I find that companies many times fail to craft a successful calls to action because they don't truly know their audience. You can't nurture a sales lead or motivate anyone to buy unless you know THEIR motivations clearly.

    Download this free guide we've created to help you create your own Buyer Personas to help you create meaningful content that sells. It's time for some fun, so download The Perfect Persona to walk you through creating that first persona and start focusing on the absolutely most ideal client for your product or service! 



    Priscilla McKinney

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