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    Priscilla is Helpful on The Outrageous Impact Show


    "Insights are a important way for us to move through this,
    and the only way out is through it."

    Recently on The Outrageous Impact Show, host Patrick Olszowski and Priscilla discuss everything from Priscilla's reasoning for drinking decaf coffee to why market research is her go-to industry. 

    The two quickly conclude they must be long lost family members as they dive into their journeys, the similarities are uncanny! They highlight their journeys to success, and the lessons they discovered along the way. Priscilla details how she runs a "sleep improvement" business with her unique perspective- "put pressure on systems, not people."


    Priscilla McKinney
    “I take all that chaos, and I put into a system so that people can put pressure on the systems, and not put pressure on people. I don't think any person is designed to take the pressure.”


    The two breakdown genuine marketing practices by addressing the recent social media challenges Priscilla has hosted on LinkedIn and the hashtag #AlwaysBeHelping. Tune-in to learn how to properly mix humor and professionalism to create authentic brand messages.


    Listen to the whole podcast here: 

    or on the Outrageous Impact Show website



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