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    Reconnecting with Empathy at IIEX Behavior 2020

    We're entering an empathy crisis. Society's reliance on technology has eliminated essential non-verbal communication cues. So how do you encourage empathy in an emotionally blind world? Rana el Kaliouby, author of Girl Decoded, shares her expertise. 

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    To compensate for the lack of in-person events, GreenBook made quick pivots to provide the market research community with new learning opportunities. Free to all attendees, they proceeded with virtual IIeX events. At IIeX Behavior, behavioral scientists, researchers and end clients gathered to share findings, discuss how consumers are adapting to the new pandemic "normal" and make predictions on the future of consumer behaviors. 

    Momma Bird, Priscilla McKinney, was joined by Rana el Kaliouby, CEO and Founder of Affectiva, in a LIVE podcast recording to discuss the decrease of empathy in our technology-driven world.

    Rana el Kaliouby's new book Girl DecodedRana is deeply passionate about humanizing technology before it dehumanizes us. The recently published Girl Decoded, walks through Rana’s journey in life and how she is learning to express and act on her own emotions. Rana also addresses the disconnect of emotion, while unfolding her own personal transformation in this pursuit. After earning her Ph.D. at Cambridge, Rana is on a mission to "reclaiming our humanity by bringing emotional intelligence to technology," by helping co-found Affectiva, the pioneer of emotional AI.  

    Priscilla and Rana dive into the impact of technology reliance - from social media to virtual conferences to family dinners. In light of the current pandemic state, our connections and relationships revolve almost solely around technology. Rana shares mindset shifts for increasing emotional intelligence without forsaking technology as a whole. 

    Rana el Kailouby

    “Technology provides the allusion of connection. We have to think about these relationships, how real are they.”

    As she widens the lens, Rana discusses that diversity and inclusion are key players in providing effective and non-bias innovation in the market research industry. In her conversation with Priscilla, she inspires to lead with empathy and real connection.


    Listen to more from Rana and Priscilla in
    Priscilla and Rana el Kaliouby Live at IIeX Behavior 2020


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