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    Should My Business Be on Facebook?

    As we launch new businesses everyday, I’m often asked if businesses should bother with a Facebook account. As with any social media, I’m quick to answer, “Don’t start any platform before you actually have a strategy in place.”  Having said that, let’s talk about Facebook specifically.  Alexa.com still ranks Facebook.com as the #2 most visited site on this planet. So, my thinking is, if your business is located on this planet, you would probably benefit from the search engine optimization that comes from appearing on the 2nd most visited platform.  You might want to go ahead and open that Facebook account. 


    So, now that I've convinced you - What is your strategy?  One quick tip for you today would be to go back to your Facebook account and look at your ABOUT page.  If you want the best benefits from the search engine optimization associated with Facebook, then refine your ABOUT tab.  Use critical key words and make sure that people completely understand you brand promise, your culture and what you deliver. But go even further and explain how you deliver.  

    I hope this has been a helpful quick tip to improve your #marketingstrategy. If you want more quick pieces of advice, check out our YouTube channel here or just click the button below! 



    Priscilla McKinney

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