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    The 3 B's for Social Media Influence

    Would you say you are the life of the LinkedIn party or more like the window stalker?

    LinkedIn is booming and if you aren’t part of the fun then you need to reevaluate your priorities. For those of us who are or want to be, things are getting noisy. So how can you be the center of the party without having to use your bullhorn? It’s actually a lot simpler than you’d think.


    Find your voice! Use Your Voice

    Stop waiting until you “find your voice.” Do you have thoughts? Opinions? Ideas? Well look at that – you have a voice. Use it! There is no right time to start using your voice on LinkedIn. Turn on your handy dandy voice recording app or jot down some notes while your mind is buzzing and there you have it, content. 


    3 B  Be Vocal


    Polish that Profile

    LinkedIn didn’t create all snazzy spots on your profile just to keep busy. Every aspect of the profile is created so you could, get this, CONNECT BETTER. Hold up, so you're telling me if I actually put in my career experiences and share about myself, people who have an interest in what I do or are looking for someone with my experience will find me? Ding-Ding! There is no reason to leave any of those profile details blank. They are there for your benefit so use them.

    3 B Be Polished


    In the words of my pal AJ Kierns, “Be a good human!”

    Remember all the feels you had when joining this social party? Heck, I am not sure they ever fully go away. Everyone is coming from somewhere. It’s ok to have a different opinion or add a new perspective to a conversation, but it is not ok to be a jerk. Vulnerability is part of authenticity. People will connect with someone who isn’t afraid to keep it real all while being a good human.

    3 B Be Kind


    Looking for something cost-effective and scalable?

    Then you're ready for a digital transformation.




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