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    The Content Strategy Side of Influencer Marketing

    Quick! What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term “Influencer Marketing?” If it was a celebrity sharing videos of expensive stuff on social media, you’re probably in the majority. Contrarily to the mainstream perception, influencer marketing can actually be a much more subtle and grounded effort that is attainable even if you’re not driving a Lambo around your private villa.

    Andy Crestodina

    In a recent podcast Andy Crestodina, co-founder of Orbit Media, author of Content Chemistry: The Illustrated Handbook for Content Marketing, and founder of Content Jam, Chicago’s largest marketing conference, talked with Priscilla about a different type of influencer marketing. Check this snippet, wherein Andy Crestodina illustrates influencer marketing’s strategic underlayment:

    “If I were doing influencer marketing for a client, I would first find all the pages on their site that almost rank high - that’s an analytics trick - now that I have a list of pages that almost rank high, I’d build a list of influencers who are relevant on those topics.

    Then I’d create a program where we’re building content together, in ways that refer back to each other, and the links and authority that you get from those collaborations would move my almost-high-ranking content up the search results, which is so much more worthwhile than getting a social celebrity to share you - which gives you like a 10-minute benefit.

    I could get tons more traffic for months and years to come by collaborating with people who are not just influencers, but content creators on high domain authority websites, referring back to my almost-high-ranking content, where I could easily measure thousands or tens of thousands more page visits from that effort.”

    Boom. Guess what?

    The rest of the episode is that good. Check it out here.

    Listen to Andy Crestodina on Ponderings from the Perch


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