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    The End of the Attention Span

    We concept, storyboard, and produce a lot of promotional videos with a wide range of purposes. No matter what the client’s desired outcome, the top question I am asked is “How long should a promotional video run?” Most clients ask me questions like this because they believe there are marketing-driven standards I refer to as best practices. It is true I could spend a lot of time researching the ideal amount of time people are “apt” to watch a video from start to finish. However, I am reminded of the great and powerful Seinfeld’s wise words, “There is no such thing as an attention span. There is only the quality of what you are viewing.” As a successful marketer we must keep our focus on telling a compelling story and not simply filling time. People will watch what they find meaningful. Whether you choose an agency to create your video or make one yourself, do your brand a favor and only make a video when you have a compelling story to tell. That seems to me to be the best practice of all. 

    What is at the core of your brand’s compelling story?

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