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    What Does Your Brand Smell Like?

    I was out of town on business awhile back and was able to sneak in a spa appointment. Now spa appointments are usually always good, but you know it’s going to be REALLY good when you are handed an aromatherapy menu and asked to choose from an assortment of aromatic “recipes”. So to enhance my spa experience, I chose “Here Comes the Sun” not only for the Beatles’ song reference, but for for its promise of a bright, cheery, and general orangey-ness olfactory encounter.

    About half way through my appointment as I lay there grinning from ear to ear, I realize my smile wasn’t solely from the amazing massage therapist, but rather the familiar smell of … wait a second … Fruit Stripe gum! The branding, campaign, and multi-colored striped cartoon zebra mascot all come flooding back, making me feel like an 8-year old Priscilla again! Isn’t it fascinating how a particular scent can transport you to a specific memory or feeling, like the smell of freshly-baked cookies can magically transport you back to Grandma’s kitchen?  Well, ok, my Grandma never baked cookies, but I remember the look of the entire dashboard of my 1992 convertible Geo Metro which was my first truly new car only because of that new car smell!

    That got me wondering what other products (outside of food) have that same effect. One that came to mind was Aveda. I remember years ago when I was in Denver walking downtown and went past a door just as someone came out. Without seeing a logo, knew instantly it was an Aveda store. That aroma conjures up images of freshness, eco-responsibility, and of course, the luxury of someone else doing my hair!  All that said, I want a “smell” for Little Bird Marketing. I want to transport clients to a place where they don’t wake up sweating in the middle of the night stressing about their brand and the impact it’s having. Wow … what does that smell like? When I figure that out, I’m piping it in our air system ASAP!

    So tell me. What does your brand smell like?

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