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Notes from the Nest

When was the last time you reviewed your own website design?

Date: July 18 2017

Summer cleaning is the new spring cleaning. 

When was the last time you took a good hard look at your own website? If it’s been more than a year, it’s probably time for a cleaning. Not like, “I took the trash out yesterday,” cleaning. I’m talking deep-clean, like “the boss is coming over for dinner” cleaning. Unfortunately, we get accustomed to looking at our sites as ourselves, and forget to adopt the perspective of a person seeing it for the first time - cobwebs and all.

Our friend Stoney DeGeyter hit the nail on the head in his blog, “Stop Treating Your Website Guests Like Just Another Visitor!” for Search Engine Journal. Stoney lays out three straightforward, empathetic site-design tips to make your website visitors feel like guests of honor;

  1. Anticipate the arrival of your guests
  2. Make your guests feel welcome
  3. Plan the next visit

This advice is wonderfully pragmatic, and soundly-reasoned - as might be expected from the guy who literally wrote the book on web marketing checklists

If you're having trouble shifting perspectives to conduct a self-review, hit us up. Little Bird offers a full suite of web design services, from UX and planning to e-commerce integration. Check out our work and get a free evaluation! 

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