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    Changes to the Search Function for LinkedIn Premium Users

    As I teach LinkedIn seminars and webinars, I get asked the same questions frequently:

    With some platform changes, the ability to narrow your search with keywords was lost. Ugh! We wanted it back. Well, it's back, but this time it is better because it remembers your keyword searches and let's you pick up where you left off as follows:
    Text fields for keyword searches
    LinkedIn text fields for keyword searches
    You can also keep your connections option and pick up there:        
    Sticky filters
    LinkedIn sticky filters let you sort by connection level
     Lastly, you can create a save a search alert which is super handy for people like me who routinely build their contacts list.:
    Saved search alerts
    LinkedIn search alerts are wicked handy for contact builders

    People ask me all the time if they need to buy LinkedIn's Premium product. I always tell them they absolutely should NOT buy it when they are new to LinkedIn. There is simply so much to learn WAY before you could make any use of the Premium platform features. Do you want to get started, but you're too strapped for time? Get going quicker with my Top 5 Tips for LinkedIn Success! It will walk you through 5 simple-but-actionable steps to get the most for your time in LinkedIn. 

    If the updates in January of 2017 caught you off guard, check out two of LinkedIn's resources to help you find your way again with the new design. They produced this Top Tips Video and wrote a great blog to walk you through it all. 

    Just remember, no matter what you do in LinkedIn, make it real! Forging authentic professional relationships takes time and patience. The important part is to get out there and start practicing. Join a group, share some posts and do some social listening. Don't be afraid to learn more about LinkedIn's InMail and see your efforts magnify. Listen in for great LinkedIn tips on this podcast episode and let us know what you want to hear more about!

    This post was written Priscilla McKinney, Momma Bird at Little Bird Marketing. As a full service agency, we provide full branding overhauls, website development, and extensive digital strategy including inbound marketing packages. Hear more from this Momma Bird in her podcast, Ponderings from the Perch or follow her on Twitter @LittleBirdMktg

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    icon_top_5_tips_for_linkedin_success.jpgDon't forget our handy resource! If you still have questions about LinkedIn, check out Priscilla's Top 5 Tips for LinkedIn Success! 



    Priscilla McKinney

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