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    Priscilla’s First Quarter Podcast Flight Log

    Stardate 74754.1

    The first quarter of 2021 found our CEO and Momma Bird, Priscilla McKinney putting in lots of flight hours being interviewed on several podcasts. She covered the gamut of topics ranging from her personal background, entrepreneurial origin story, business pitfalls and successes, self-worth and mastering digital content. We’ve provided brief summaries so you can find the content that will best help you in your next best move for your business, your brand, or your brain.


    Brand Tuned: How to Create a System For Your Digital Marketing Success

    Brand Tuned, with host Shireen Smith, found Priscilla chatting about strategies to create a system for digital marketing success. In the episode, they explore the importance of having a system to implement an annual marketing plan that generates leads and attracts ideal clients. Priscilla discusses the origins of the Little Bird Marketing trademarked SOAR System™ which is the framework to master marketing automation all things content.

    “For the majority of content out there, it's evergreen. So, we know what we're going to be putting out six or eight months from now and those things are already scheduled. They're already hashtagged. They're already researched. They already are using the right keywords for maximizing SEO. And we know where the call to action is. In short, we’ve planned how to bring the ideal client through the buyer's journey.”

    If you’re interested in setting digital marketing goals, creating a plan and executing your plan for success listen here


    WE: Startup Hacks: Birds of a Feather Strategies

    Priscilla’s podcast journey continued onto WE: Startup Hacks in a conversation with host Fernanda Carapinha, founder of Women Entrepreneurs Global (WE Global). Fernanda hones in on the methods Priscilla utilized in her entrepreneurial journey and current strategies that save time and money to scale and grow her nest.

    “There is a point at which you have to realize that system, whatever that system that you have, it can no longer be in your head. It has to be communicated, it has to be codified, it has to be explainable, it has to be shared, it has to be talked about all the time. It's not enough if it’s just yours.”

    Listen here to gain new insights and steps to take your own business to the next level.


    M&A Unplugged Podcast: The Bumpy Road to Growth Through Acquisition

    Every superhero has a pretty intense origin story and Priscilla is no different. In this guest spot on M&A Unplugged Podcast with Domenic Rinaldi, Priscilla shares her own business journey. She honestly talks about all the adversities and obstacles she faced along the way as she decided to grow her business through acquisition. She openly talks about mistakes, miscalculations and missed opportunities along the way.

    “There is almost no margin for error for small businesses. That is one of the biggest reasons why you need to grow.”

    This candid conversation is a must-listen for those looking to learn what to do and not do when scaling for growth. 


    WE: Mindset for Success: Know Where Your Worth Is

    Priscilla joined Dr. Leslie Knutson, clinical psychologist and executive coach to talk about the difference between her work worth and her personal worth and the support system that keeps her grounded.

    “You learn by practice that who you are internally - the value, the worth that you are as a human being - is not inextricably tied to what you do as a human being.”

    This podcast is a great discussion for those struggling to separate personal worth and professional identity.


    The Digital Technopreneur Podcast: Building a Business Brand & Culture in Our Digital World

    Finally, Priscilla closed out the quarter with an episode on The Digital Technopreneur with hosts Patrick Ollawa and Andi Ohh. She detailed Little Bird Marketing’s trademark SOAR System™ and how our organized lead generation system helps clients build powerhouse brands through an organized and predictable process. She talks about the special bond we have with our clients as we partner with their teams to create something truly special.

    “This idea of belonging and an inner circle is the kind of thing we like to create for our brands.”

    If you’ve been wondering if the SOAR System™ is a good fit for your company or you still have questions this episode is a great place to start!

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