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    Anese Cavanaugh and Priscilla Live In the Moment

    If you’ve ever noticed how a single person in a bad mood can negatively impact a room full of people, then you might understand the importance of presence and how your own mood, as well as others, can affect your professional life.

    In this episode of Ponderings from the Perch, Priscilla talks with Anese Cavanaugh about Intentional Energetic Presence, or more commonly known as IEP, and how it helps you live in the moment by better understanding energy's relation to future intentions.

    Anese Cavanaugh

    Anese explains the IEP method is a system used to make intentional personal decisions that can have a wide-reaching impact and guide you towards being aware of your current state-of-conscious. Tune-in to hear Anese and Priscilla discuss the overlap IEP has on people who run their own businesses and how thinking about the present in a more proactive way can create a better future, personally and professionally. 

    Anese Cavanaugh is the author of Contagious Culture and Contagious You, and is a daily-user of the IEP Method. In addition to her books, Anese also wrote “The Leader You Will Be,” an illustrated inspirational journey of leadership that began its life as a 1,000 word poem.

    For more of Anese's wisdom about living in the moment listen to "Priscilla and Anese Cavanaugh Spread the Good Vibes."

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