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Don’t Bury the Lead: Jeffrey Hayzlett & The Great Network Effect

Date: October 08 2019

Lords, Ladies, and humble servants all make way for the great Lord Grantham...oh wait, that's not Lord Grantham, it's Jeffrey Hayzlett! Forgive us for the confusion - we still cannot get over the striking resemblance Jeff has to Hugh Bonneville's aristocratic character from Downton Abbey! 

Jeffrey Hayzlett is Lord Grantham

Though perhaps not the lord of a famous Yorkshire estate, Jeffrey Hayzlett is the lord of podcasting.

In this episode of Ponderings from the Perch, Priscilla and Jeff (dare we say - Lord Hayzlett 👑) talk podcaster à podcaster about the value of podcasting and the benefits of belonging to a podcast network like C-suite radio.

In addition, these two break down the reshuffling (!) of iTunes, discuss podcast analytics, and bestow some resplendently awesome advice for those just beginning their podcasting adventures. 

"Whether you’re big or small, we aggregate and together we get a lot more. And so then you have the affiliation too, and now you get to say hey ‘I’m part of the C-Suite radio.’ You get to be part of the network and so you have a network effect and together you and I are stronger because we’re in a big family."

Jeffrey HayzlettListen Now

Jeffrey Hayzlett is the Chairman of C-Suite Network, host of The HERO Factor Podcast on C-Suite Radio, a primetime television host, and a bestselling author. In other words, he can be deemed as a total royal badass!

For a podcast episode worth its weight in gold, tune in to "Priscilla and Jeffrey Hayzlett Dance on iTunes' Grave."

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