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    Ghosts of Business Past: 5 Marketing Resolutions for 2019

    Ebenezer is holding a three-hour strategy meeting to discuss marketing plans for his company the night before Christmas. His plan involves stuffing the company’s content with as many keywords as possible. He thinks this a fantastic idea—of course, he does.

    Ebenezer also thinks having his CMO, Bob, come into the office on Christmas day to crank out as many blogs as possible is great idea. Bob complains he wants to be with his family; Ebenezer suddenly has another great idea for Bob.

    He suggests Bob bring his youngest son, Tiny Tim, into the office with him. Not only can Tiny Tim help abate his loneliness, but while he's at it, he can help out with the company’s social media posting. Ebenezer believes Tiny Tim will be quite the asset in helping capture his elderly client base on Snapchat, even if it’s only short-lived (!). Bah humbug, indeed.  

    Gif of Ebenezer Scrooge

    The moral of this brief vignette is Ebenezer, along with his marketing strategy, both deserve a ginormous judo chop to the jugular. In other words, don’t be a dickens this year and let the ghosts of business past keep haunting your marketing strategies. 

    In a recent podcast episode, Momma Bird – Priscilla McKinney and Little Bird Content Marketing Specialist – Ashley Le Blanc bury the “Cratchit” on bad marketing strategies and give some otherworldly advice that will awaken even the most cantankerous of old strategies.

    Here’s a sneak peak of 5 resolutions you should include in your marketing strategy this year:

    1. Stop selling so hard.

     Learn about Priscilla's Rule of 15, which lays out a balanced framework for social posting that integrates sales without being annoying.

    2. Stop treating social media like an afterthought. 

    Short form content is an art form unto itself, and shouldn't be approached haphazardly, or shoved off on the youngest person in the office (looking at you, Tiny Tim).

    3. Stop pretending that "content" equals "blogging." 

    Google looks at more than just the blog to determine your site's authority - think video and audio - and expand your content landscape. 

    [ 3a. If it's not an important topic to your ideal client persona, stop blogging about it. Pull reports. Analyze the data. Adapt. ]

    4. Stop keyword spamming. 

    You can't just cram a keyword between every other word in a blog and expect to get results, no matter what the scrooges of the world may believe. It was never a good practice anyway, now it's bad form and completely ineffectual. Just stop please. For more blogging tips, tune-in to "Priscilla and Ashley Talk Turkey, Robots and Blogging." 

    [ 4a. Don't put all your eggs in the backlink basket. Internal links build a better network for authority. ]

    5. Stop winging it. 

    Make a plan, and hold your content accountable to your organization and your strategy. 

    For more on these actionable insights give a listen to "Priscilla and Ashley Talk New Year Marketing Resolutions" and rejuvenate your 2019 marketing plan. Shape it up. Set it Straight. Save Tiny Tim. Rejoice!

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