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    Growth Management Strategies: Scale Your Business With Sima Vasa

    As any entrepreneur knows, your business is your baby. It's special to you. You nurture it, care for it, and do your damnedest to help it succeed day-in and day-out. This, of course, is all with the goal of one day having it grow and begin taking care of you. But, when your company finally reaches this stage are you going to be ready to handle the demands?

    In a recent episode of the Little Bird Marketing podcast, Priscilla McKinney and Sima Vasa discuss the challenges that companies face when seeking to accelerate growth and break down growth management strategies that can help ease the transition. 

    Photo of Sima Vasa

    "Once you get to a certain level, let's say 5 million+, you then have to start thinking about formalizing your disciplines. You need a sales executive, you need a sales leader, you might need an operational delivery leader; you kind of round out the skills that are required to execute on the different functions of the business. Those roles become more crucial because then as the CEO of a company, you need to be thinking about the next thing - where am I going and how do I get there versus being stuck in the weeds." 

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    Sima Vasa is a successful serial entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Infinity Squared Ventures. As a growth management consulting expert, she focuses on helping new and emerging businesses accelerate in the market research space.

    In addition, Sima is podcast host of the Data Guru Podcast and current chair of the upcoming Samplecon. Find her at Infinity Squared Ventures, LinkedIn, or Twitter

    For more of Sima's advice about taking your business to the next level listen to "Priscilla and Sima Vasa on Tech, Podcasting, and Armadillo Racing." 

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