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    Look Into the Nest Part 2: Little Bird's Podcast Booth is Magical

    Equally as useful, and far less evasive than the room of requirement. 

    The smallest room in Little Bird Marketing is also one of its most versatile. "The podcast booth" is its informal name, and that's fitting, because the most frequent use of the acoustically-treated room is the recording of Momma Bird's Ponderings from the Perch - The Little Bird Marketing Company Podcast

    The "On Air" light = Chicken Pot Pie = Shhhhhhhhh!

    Inside this room, Priscilla records the bi-monthly podcast, sometimes with her co-host Dan Leadbetter, and sometimes with a variety of fellow industry experts. 

    Check Out This Selection of Recent Podcast Guests! 

    Michael Brenner, CEO of Marketing Insider GroupRobin Barr, Chief Inspiration Officer at Unleash Your BrillianceDavid Reimherr, founder of Magnificent MarketingVivian Blade, Author, Speaker and Career CoachTony Cheevers, Vice President Business Development at Researchscape InternationalMitch Joel, President of Mirum

    But wait... there's more! The podcast booth is also used to record and edit all of the audio for Little Bird Marketing. The booth gives Little Bird the ability to record commercial voiceovers, audio for video tutorials and film scores in-house.

    As experimental as she was, Mother Maybelle never hooked up a piezotransducer and fuzz pedal to her autoharp. Where her legacy ends, Little Bird's begins.

    Priscilla's autoharp, Beth's recorder, assorted percussion instruments and a ukulele are never far away, and when they aren't being used to record scores, they are often called to action for impromptu office performances. (Have you ever heard "Dancing Queen" performed on an autoharp?)


    In total, the podcast booth allows Little Bird to quickly move from concept to complete multimedia marketing piece quickly, and with great creative flexibility.

    Nylon string classical guitar for recording a mellow background track. Pulled from this internal documentation: If your trepidation is due to feelings of claustrophobia, perhaps you should relocate to a different room."Shred!

    At Little Bird, the relationship between workspace and process is something we find fascinating, and we love sharing and hearing back from you. What differentiates your workspace? We'd love to learn a bit about you! 

    Want to know more about our process? Give us a shout! 
    Also put your ears on our podcast! It'll be like you're joining us in the room of requirement.

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