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Market Research Leadership Week on Pondering from the Perch

Date: May 08 2020

What happens when powerful insights leaders ban together for a week of podcast episodes? MAGIC.

It’s MR Leadership week on the Ponderings from the Perch podcast! Benefit from the collective wisdom of market research thought leaders, who share their experiences, mindsets, and tips for managing in these trying times.

Tune in to hear:

Mario Carrasco on MR Leadership Week


Mario Carrasco

Co-Founder + Principal | ThinkNow

Join Mario as he talks about the entrepreneurial mindset, how the crisis has illuminated cultural disparities that have long existed, and the cultural significance of messaging


Ryan Barry on MR Leadership Week


Ryan Barry

Chief Revenue Officer | Zappi 

Listen in as Ryan reveals the realities of leadership and acknowledge how hard it can be to still deal with the fear of failure or imposter syndrome


Sandy Casey on MR Leadership Week


Sandy Casey

SVP of Global Supply | InnovateMR

Tune-in as Sandy unpacks her practice of radical transparency and how that fuels the best conversations for meaningful collaborations.


Anne Brown on MR Leadership Week


Anne Brown

CEO + Founding Partner | Gazelle Global

In this episode, Anne's experience and practical knowledge shines through. Listen as she gives her thoughts about what it will be like to "restart" in waves.


Merrill Dubrow on MR Leadership Week


Merrill Dubrow

CEO | M/A/R/C Research

Join Priscilla and Merrill as they discuss the hardships of leading and acknowledges his need to be mindful of his own needs while balancing the needs of others


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