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    Market Research Magic: Priscilla and Adam Jolley Make the Connection

    Are you a hunter or a gatherer? What does each one mean in relation to market research and how you go about building relationships within the industry?

    In this episode of Ponderings from the PerchPriscilla McKinney and Adam Jolley discuss his journey of becoming the president of EMI Research Solutions and dive into the importance of making connections. In addition, they touch on different sales methods, the importance of continued personal growth and mentorship, and how to keep podcasts fun.

    Adam Jolley

    “I am very much a relationship selling type person. I want people to believe that I want what’s best for them and that they want what’s best for me. Then, we can go out and make something happen together.”

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    Adam Jolley spends his time focusing on business development and client services for EMI Research Solutions. His specialties include science marketing, business administrations, and online panel networks.

    Adam is also host to the Intellicast Podcast, where he discusses current trends and happenings within the market research industry. 

    Want to begin building stronger, more impactful relationships in your industry? Tune in to "Priscilla and Adam Jolley Do Not Pounce."

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