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    Natalie Renna is on Team Always Be Helping

    If you've been in business for any amount of time, you understand the important of celebrating success - especially when things get tough. The COVID-19 outbreak in Spring of 2020 changed the world. The impact permeated every industry and profession. In the midst of the global pandemic, we want to hit PAUSE and shine a little light on the helpers, good-doers and those dedicated to pushing their industry forward.

    Natalie Renna quote

    In a recent episode of the Ponderings from the Perch podcast, host and LBM president Priscilla McKinney talks with Fieldwork's Natalie Renna, who has recently accepted a position as President of the Minneapolis Fieldwork facility. 

    Fieldwork has been a leader in world-class marketing research services and facilities since 1980. As market research has expanded from the standard focus group to incorporate other methodologies and technologies, Fieldwork has expanded with it.

    Natalie served as Project Manager at Fieldwork Minneapolis for five years and celebrates Fieldwork’s culture of valuing people and talents. 

    Natalie Renna quote

    In addition to discussing what makes Fieldwork Minneapolis unique - the 11,000 square foot facility hosts a suite of unique features - Priscilla and Natalie also discuss the evolution of online research, Fieldwork’s recruiting capabilities, and how to remain focused on being helpful.

    Fieldwork is also a proud sponsor of Women in Research

    Natalie Renna quote

    Hear more from Natalie by listening to, "Priscilla and Natalie Renna Celebrate Success."



    Speaking about being helpful

    LB_ABH_NominationGraphic_2020_2We want to show our appreciation for all those out there being overtly helpful.

    See someone sharing a great resource on social media? Nominate them!

    Did someone give you an hour of their time for free? Nominate them!

    Now jump over to LinkedIn or Twitter and nominate someone for Team ABH by:

    1. Tagging us: @littlebirdmktg on Twitter or here on LinkedIn
    2. Using the hashtag: #AlwaysBeHelping
    3. Explaining: How your nomination is helping those around them

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