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The Past Rides Shotgun In The Future's DeLorean

Date: December 28 2018

In the ever-evolving world of marketing, traditional and contemporary views seem to be odds. But, as the famous Marty McFly proves to us while stylishly hightailing it through time, the past and future are more intertwined than we often like to admit. "Great Scott!" you may say, but fear not. If Marty and Doc Brown taught us anything, it is that we cannot have one without the other.

In a recent episode of the Little Bird Marketing podcast,  Priscilla McKinney and Ray Poynter discuss the importance of combining traditional and modern marketing values and their larger role in current marketing insights and innovation. 

Photo of Ray Poynter 

"Probably my niche in the market is that I’m a very cynical lover of the new. So, yes, I do like new things, but I’m not easily swayed.  I’ve got a very good grounding in the traditional aspects of applying the science; applying methodology and seeing where things fit. I’m much more interested in how they work than how shiny they are." 

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Ray is the founder of NewMR, author of "The Handbook of Online and Social Media Research," and "The Handbook of Mobile Market Research," and the editor of ESOMAR's book "Answers to Contemporary Market Research Questions."

“There are two revolutions going on within market research and both are associated with the internet. The first is a quiet revolution, in which 75 years of basing quantitative research on a paradigm of projecting the results samples onto populations via assumptions of random probability sampling has been replaced…the second, nosier, revolution is the way social media, and the philosophical challenge of Web 2.0, have created new propositions, new opportunities, and new rules for market research.”

Ray is a prolific writer with 40 years of expertise in market research and innovation. Find him at NewMRLinkedIn, or Twitter to read more of his insights. 

For more of Ray’s majestic marketing musings tune in to “Priscilla and Ray Poynter Leave the Past Behind.”

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