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Notes from the Nest

The Perch, Revisited: A Podcast Roundup

Date: September 05 2017

In the next few months, we’ll be making a few small changes to ensure that we are delivering the best content to you in all places. One notable change will be a monthly recap of the Ponderings from the Perch podcast through our Notes from the Nest. This won’t be a full transcription of the podcasts, but will focus on highlighting the special guests and the main topics covered in the podcasts.

For now, since we have sooo many episodes of back history, we wanted to run through a few of our favorites from this last year. Every guest we have on the podcast brings something unique and amazing to the mix, and they are able to answer listeners’ questions with fascinating perspectives. We’ll have a second edition of this list soon, too!

1. Priscilla Tackles the Nitty Gritty of Content Marketing with Michael Brenner

This is the only Ponderings from the Perch Venn Diagram that has included Luke Skywalker, in the history of ever. Marketing Insider Group founder Michael Brenner does not cross over to the dark side, as he discusses the importance of relevance to contemporary marketing.

“When marketers walk inside corporate offices, they kind of forget that they’re a real person. They put together these ad campaigns that interrupt what we’re really trying to consume - cat videos and TV shows - or whatever the case may be. They forget that we’re real people.”

Michael also talks about his amazing book, The Content Formula, our tendency to focus on vanity metrics, and balancing the content we want to create with the content that our customer wants. Listen here!

2. Priscilla Gets a Taste of Qualitative Research with Liz Van Patten

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the term “Market Research?” Is it the image of someone with a clipboard and a lab coat? Or perhaps someone harnessing the power of big data? The most common thought has to do with numbers - or quantitative research. Well Liz Van Patten is a 25 year veteran of a different type of market research: qualitative research. What’s the difference between the two? Liz describes it best:

“Quantitative data/survey data is all about counting the beans. Qualitative data is all about finding out which beans to count.”

To gain insight into the thoughts of your customers and prospective customers is, of course, of great importance to most businesses. Liz has great stories and examples of ways that consumer insight has proven invaluable through her experience. Check it out!

3. Priscilla Discusses Changemakers with Tim Hughes

Tim Hughes, author of Social Selling - Techniques to Influence Buyers and Changemakers, dishes the goods on his book, including the beautiful concept that everyone acts as an influencer on some level. His advice? Be friendly, be where your buyers are, and ask the right questions.

“We don’t walk into cocktail parties, and stand there in the door and go, ‘Hi everybody! It’s Tim Hughes, and I’ve got 30% off!’ Everyone would look at their shoes and security would be called, and you’d be gradually taken away.”

Tim’s insights, and consequently, his book, are focused on creating genuine interactions that produce actual results for business. Check out the podcast!

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