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    This One's for the Ladies: A Podcast Miniseries

    Looking to be inspired? Look no further! Recently on the Little Bird Marketing company podcast, Ponderings from the Perch, we launched a brand new miniseries. In addition to our regular episodes, we're releasing bi-weekly minisodes! We've called the series Flock Stars because these bite-size episodes feature rockstars of the marketing, advertising and surrounding industries (and to be honest, we're quite fond of puns).

    Our first season is all about Women In Research and each minisode will feature an inspiring woman who attended the 2018 WIRexec Leadership Summit.

    WIRe champions diversity in the marketing research industry by arming women with the tools to develop professionally, build connections and stay inspired. Their mission is to advance the contributions and voice of women in research, both for themselves and for the greater good of the industry.

    Guests include:

    WIRe is completely free to join. Founder Kristin Luck explains, “We don’t want a membership fee to be a barrier to folks to having access to our programming and services.”

    Start listening to episode one of the Flock Stars WIRe Miniseries: Meet Kristin Luck.

    Pssst... To celebrate the badass women featured in this miniseries,
    we’re hosting a badass giveaway. Click here to enter!

    The Badass Women Giveaway


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