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This Sh*t is Bananas: Kristin Luck on Business Survival During a Crisis

Date: April 17 2020

"The mistake that I see many companies making is that the very first thing they always cut is marketing. And it just... fucking kills me."

Decisions... Decisions... Decisions... In crisis mode, it's all about making the decision that is directly in front of you - each one leading to a microstep forward in unpredictable circumstances. Whether it be a global pandemic, natural disaster or financial instability, the decisions you make during a crisis have a significant impact on the survival of your business. 

In the midst of a global pandemic, companies everywhere are taking a serious look at their marketing strategies.

From early decision making, to familiarity with day-to-day expenses, to the importance of helpful communication, Priscilla McKinney (Momma Bird at Little Bird Marketing) and pal Kristin Luck (Founder of ScaleHouse) pull from their personal experiences to share what adaptations are the most crucial during times of crisis. 

Kristin is a well known champion of growth, research and strategy. She serves as an advisor and growth strategist to a number of cutting-edge marketing and analytics technology and services firms. She is the founder of two marketing analytics companies that she led to successful exits. 

In a recent episode of Ponderings from the Perch, Priscilla and Kristin join forces to take a deep look at what constitutes a successful business mindset during trying times.

Here are 4 key pieces of advice to keep
your business moving forward during a crisis:


1. Don't Go Invisible 


2. It's Not Too Late to Start Content Marketing


3. Don't Cut Your Marketing 


4. Be Decisive and Strategic 


Tune-in to the full podcast episode, "Priscilla and Kristin Explain Marketing Strategy in the Time of COVID," to hear more about:

  • What types of content you should be creating during this time
  • How to stay persistent and empathetic 
  • Projections about how the shape of the workforce will be altered


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