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Little Bird Marketing

Notes from the Nest

Turn and Face the Consumer Ch- Ch- Changes

Date: November 20 2019

The times they are a changin’ (Bob Dylan, 1964) and consumers are following suit. Two little birds took flight to Boston this month for GreenBook’s IIeX Behavior in Boston. This conference is known to be a place where insights professionals gather together to showcase the latest trends and technologies in the industry. 


It was an event we simply could not miss. Well, that and the cannolis. You know, those adorable Italian tube-shaped pastry shells filled with sweetened ricotta cheese?

This year’s IIeX Behavior had arguably the best view of all conferences to date (check out that beautiful skyline below!). The structure was TED-talk style: a day and a half jam-packed with fascinating 20-minute presentations, workshops, and networking all related to the key theme, Behavior. We heard from the best and brightest in the industry about how to measure it, understand it, and ultimately drive it.

IIeX Behavior, Boston

Representatives from Valvoline and BEESY dove into the motivations of DIYers. Researchers from Ferrara Candy Company and Conifer Research walked us through Deprivation research, a methodology that allows brands to gain insights into behavior change by either replacing or taking away essential items from consumer’s everyday lives.

We learned about technology capable of quantifying the emotional experiences of humans. Game of Thrones was used to walk us through a concept called “mindstates” that has the power to predict and influence consumer decisions. We heard from the experts about the research-backed power of 6-second ads, and how tapping into “fun” through gamification and rewards can lead to the consumer satisfaction brands are striving for.

Long story short, attendees left feeling energized and equipped with new approaches to implement. We caught up with a few of the speakers and attendees to hear their thoughts about this year’s event:Listen Now


Mary Kuklinski of Valvoline at IIeX Behavior

Ujwal Arkalgud at IIeX Behavior

Lance Pat, Director of Behavioral Intelligence, TriggerPoint Design"At the IIeX Behavior conference I really enjoyed learning about the integration of technology and advanced techniques to uncover emotions, context and motivations. Artificial intelli-gence, semiotics, and other techniques were on full display and it was really fascinating to see what these methods can do to help us understand the consumer better. It was great seeing companies utilizing these methods and I’m anxious to see what they are able to do in the future."
- Lance Pate, Director of Behavioral Intelligence, TriggerPoint

Margaret Wilhelm, VP Market Research & Insights, Fandango
"I thought the conference was very insightful, and it was interesting to hear how other companies are pivoting from traditional research methods to better understand the “why” behind consumers’ behavior. I also really liked that while it was well attended, it didn’t feel crowded, which allowed me to meet other researchers, and share ideas and experiences."
- Margaret Wilhelm, VP Market Research& Insights, Fandango


A Podcast Recap

Want to hear from the speakers and attendees themselves? Tune-in!

For more about IIeX Behavior, listen to the full episode,
"Priscilla and Emma Are on Their Best Behavior"
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